Post-Conference Trips

Optional Tours (not included in conference fee)


Optional Tour 1: Bus trip to National Park Lake Neusiedl (limited number of participants on a first come first serve basis! costs: approximately € 30; for further details:

Bus 1

Biologische Station Neusiedler See
Seevorgelände 1
7142 Illmitz

Bus 2

NP Visitor center Nationalparkzentrum
A- 7142 Illmitz

The buses will collect people from these two localities at 17:30 and bring them to the restaurant, where dinner starts 18:00.

Tauber's Johannes Zeche Hotel und Restaurant
Florianigasse 10
7142 Illmitz

The buses will leave back to Vienna at 20:00.


Optional Tour 2: Boat trip to Wachau Valley


Optional Tour 3: Bus trip to Salzburg