Willi Foissner Symposium

Sabine Agatha and Agnes Weiner (Chairs)


  • Micah Dunthorn
  • Erna Aescht
  • Horst Aspöck
  • Marina Ettl
  • Sabine Agatha

Protist symbioses

Filip Husník and Julius Lukeš (Chairs)


  • Margaret Brisbin, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA
  • Daria Tashyreva, Institute of Parasitology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Inferring protist cell biology using spatial proteomics

Jeremy Wideman (Chair)

Speaker and title list:

  • Spatial proteomics of the free-living heterotrophic stramenopile Cafeteria roenbergensis
    Picture of Dagmar JirsováDagmar Jirsová
  • Spatial proteomics of  Naegleria gruberiwith the focus on the evolution of the eukaryotic cell.
    Picture of Pavel DolezalPavel Dolezal
  • Comparative spatial proteomics of euglenozoans.
    Picture of Michael HammondMichael Hammond
  • Spatial proteomics of the free living anaerobic protist  Paratrimastix pyriformis.
    Picture of Justyna ZítekJustyna Zítek
  • Spatial proteomics reveals the presence of complex subcellular compartmentalization in the Alveolate parasite  Perkinsus marinus.
    Picture of Dayana Salas-LeivaDayana Salas-Leiva

Advances in the biology and systematics of sessilid peritrichs and other ciliates

Rosaura Mayén-Estrada, Weibo Song and Alan Warren (Chairs)

Peritrichs were among the first microorganisms to be observed and over 1,000 species have been described in the ca. 350 years since their discovery. Throughout much of the 20th century, the taxonomy of peritrichs was remarkably stable. However, the last two decades has seen a revolution in our understanding of evolutionary relationships among peritrichs, particularly sessilids, largely because of advances in molecular systematics. This symposium will explore our knowledge of peritrich biology, provide details of some recent findings on peritrich systematics, and report on new discoveries of peritrichs and other free-living ciliates in a productive wetland.


  • Alan Warren: The biology of peritrich ciliates, including some historical perspectives.
  • Wei Miao: From phylogenomics to functional genomics of peritrichs.
  • Roberto Júnio Pedroso Dias: New morphological and molecular data on peritrichs from Brazil provides new insights into the evolutionary relationships among epistylids.
  • Weibo Song: Free-living ciliates in a wetland in China.